Enable WPA encryption on an USR5410 WiFi card under Ubuntu 7.10 and ndiswrapper

I own a US Robotics USR5410 wireless LAN card and wanted to get it running with WPA encryption under Ubuntu Linux.

Here is what I have done to achieve this:

You have to set the default driver for this card (called acx) to the modules blacklist. It has no support for WPA encryption. To achieve this do sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and add the line blacklist acx. Plug the card in and reboot.

Download the Windows XP drivers from USR: http://www.usr-emea.com/support/s-prod-template.asp?prod=5410&loc=emea. I used USR11g_v6.0b15.exe.

Extract all files with cabextract and unshield.

Go to Disk1/DrvXP and open USR11G.inf with an editor. Remove the remark (;) symbols from the all (there are several) CopyFiles segments.

Load the driver now to ndiswrapper with sudo ndiswrapper -i USR11G.inf and check with sudo ndiswrapper -l that ndiswrapper has loaded the driver and found your card. This looks like this
usr11g : driver installed
device (104C:9066) present (alternate driver: acx)

Now it is time to see if everything works indeed. Issue the command sudo modprobe ndiswrapper. With dmesg you should see the following
[ 29.068000] ndiswrapper version 1.45 loaded (smp=yes)
[ 29.192000] ndiswrapper: driver usr11g (U.S. Robotics,06/28/2004, loaded
[ 29.788000] ndiswrapper: using IRQ 10
[ 30.032000] usbcore: registered new interface driver ndiswrapper

From now on simply follow the instructions in the Ubuntu wiki for ndiswrapper and WPA.

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How did you get your USR5410 card to work in Ubuntu? The only distro I can get mine to work under is Xandros. It's ok but there are better distros. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Robert!

I don't understand your question. The description in my blog is for Ubuntu 7.10. It should work with other distros as well.
Does ndiswrapper load the driver correct as shown im my blog entry?


Config files

Here the config files that matter:

iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
auto wlan0

ssid="a network ssid to connect to"
psk=a secret key

All is described in the Ubuntu Wiki entries I have linked...

WPA enabled, but...

After this "tutorial" WPA is enabled. When connecting with a WPA-secured network the network-manager asks me to give the network key.
However i can't connect to my network.

I've tried to connect without security and with WEP, that's no problem.

Since WEP is easy to crack, I really would like to secure my network wit WPA. Tried to set my router to WPA and WPA2 but can't connect neither.

This "tutorial" has enabled WPA in the network-manager however, which is a big leap forward. Now it just need to connect.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Stijn Gielis

OS type

What OS type are you using? As I said in the blog entry: I used Ubuntu 7.10.



Have you used wpa_passphrase like described here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo#head-a2f430f5491955864047bd2a904c2f1fa7d4c516?


Update on this article for Ubuntu 8.04 ?

Hi Thomas,

I'm using the exact same USR card and I've been trying to make it work with WPA in Ubuntu 8.04 for a few days now, without success.

I'm wondering if you have upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 yet and if you did, was the setup the same as for 7.10 or were there any differences? I'd like to try your "tutorial" but wanted to know if there are any Ubuntu 8.04 specific updates to the procedure before I start and scew up the nex ubuntu installation ;-)

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Re: Update on this article for Ubuntu 8.04 ?


The old laptop I have used with Ubuntu has died unfortunately. So I have no machine to test with 8.04. I am sorry.


How to uncomment CopyFiles segments

Hi Thomas,
I'm trying to follow your example but don't know what you mean by
Remove the remark (;) symbols from the all (there are several) CopyFiles segments.

thanks Rene



I tried to extract the INF file again with unshield and cabextract. Surprisingly I was not able to extract the INF file. unshield always tells me:

[unshield_fopen_for_reading:59] File USR1.hdr not found even case insensitive
[unshield_read_headers:232] Could not open .hdr file 1. Reading header from .cab file 1 instead.
[unshield_fopen_for_reading:59] File USR1.cab not found even case insensitive
[unshield_open:344] Failed to read header files
Failed to open USR11g_v6.0b15.exe as an InstallShield Cabinet File

So. If you post the INF file here I can show you what you need to do.

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