My first message encrypted with my Enigma-E

I have encrypted a greeting message for you with my new Enigma-E. I have used the Enigma-E in M4-model setting (Kriegsmarine Enigma).

I have used follwing setting:

  • Umkehrwalze: C
  • Griechenwalze: Gamma
  • Walzenlage: III I V
  • Ringstellung: WLHI
  • Grundstellung: VNYM
  • Stecker: CV DP EK FT HQ JL MX OB YN ZI

The message:

1902 = 1tl = 1tl = 46 = VNYM VNYM



The parts:

  • 1902: Time of the message. The day of the message was not in the header because the Kenngruppe made it clear from which day the message originated.
  • 1tl = 1tl: Message part 1 of 1
  • 46: Number of characters after the header
  • VNYM VNYM: Used Grundstellung to encrypt the message key.
  • ABCDE: So called Kenngruppe. With this characters the German soldiers were able to identify that the message was for him. Additionally the Kenngruppe made clear from which day the message originated because the codebook contained a new Kenngruppe vor every day.
  • HRMRE FKIXX: two times the message key encrypted with the Grundstellung. XX=filling characters
  • FGHKX LDDQO JPYIW GIZGU BKVAK SUYQE C: the message itself encrypted with the message key (Spruchschlüssel)

You can find the necessary procedures in

An emulator if you have no Enigma-E is available at


Spoiler (scroll down):

























The message key: CAFE


Which means: Greetings from Germany CU Thomas