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An interesting project I have found is VirtualBox. It has nearly the same basic functions as VMWare&Co - but is OSS software licensed under the GPL! See the project's homepage at

It is now available in a x86_64 version, too.

My new Ogo (alias PocketWeb)

Because I am sitting in a train every day to get to my office I have thought about how I could be online during this time. There are a lot of products out there (most of them UMTS based) that can eat up all your money. Then I stumbled over an advertisement for a mobile device called Ogo that a german ISP is selling with a mobile internet flatrate for €9.99 per month. I am writing this blog entry now with this device and it is quite good to use.

See this forum for news about this device.

dbox2 Linux Wiki

I have installed Linux on my old Nokia dbox2. It is now usable at last. The orginal software on that box is a piece of crap.
See dbox2 Linux Wiki for details. Some crazy people have found a way to install a harddisk into that box.

The LCD of the box looks like this while booting...

My Nintendo Wii

My new Nintendo Wii is a cool toy. Even my little daughter (2 years) is able to play some of the simple games.

I own following games:

  • Wii Sports (came with the console)
  • Wii Play
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess

And never forget to fasten your wrist wrap... ;-)

logtail - an AJAXified tailing application

I am developing an Unix "tail" like application for some months now. It is called logtail. It is built as a Java webapplication using JSF as display layer.
For building and testing I use Maven. It is a very powerful software project management and comprehension tool.

What can cause OutOfMemoryError

There are a lot of causes for OOE in Java. Here is my list of causes

  • Exhausted heap. Try to increase heap size with -Xmx.
  • Too small PermSize. You can increase this memory pool by adding -XX:MaxPermSize=value to the JVMs command line. If you use JSPs or some similar technology you should set this to at least 128MB. (see for details)
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